Philipp Streng


Strategy driver with purpose

About my purpose

I’m an unconventional and ingenious, a real maverick. I believe in bringing different ideas, people and resources together to create a healthier world. I know that we have so much more power by working together instead of working against each other. The Start-Up scene is such an amazing place cause everyone solves problems and everyone supports each other. I have a deep IT and Health Care background and my aim is to support Start-Ups to together create a better place.

About my background

I’m based in the IT industry for 12 years with a focus on Server-Client- and IT-Architecture but I studied business process management for the health industry a couple of years ago. I worked for a huge US-company and switched after that in the Start-Up scene. There I gained my experience in 2 different Start-Ups from the very beginning. I decided to become Co-Founder of FlyBird and support Start-Ups in their own way of growing with my knowledge about IT, purpose-driven strategy, organizational design, and development.

I share my knowledge as much as possible which is the reason I’m a mentor at Startup Live.

About my private life

Being a father is the most wonderful experience I ever made. She and my wife are most of my private life. I have to admit that I’m into gaming since I bought my first computer, this is the best activity for me to calm down and relax (FOR THE ALLIANCE ;)). Besides that, I read a lot about the world’s news and always look for the newest innovations.

Contact information


mobile: +43 676 38 43 226