Karina Streng

Authentic Leader with heart

About my purpose

I’m an entrepreneur who supports with full passion. I do this cause I believe in developing people and organizations to make them happier, more satisfied and more successful. I’m a tech lover but I combined that with my high interest in psychology around 8 years ago. I saw that there are so many great IT-companies around, but the leaders focused too much on the tech part and forgot about the people. I wanted to learn and later teach other to become great leaders for themselves, their teams and their companies. For me, it’s essential for authentic leaders to be guided by passion and lead with purpose, meaning, and values.

About my background

I’m working in the IT for 12 years and cause of my study I also have a strong psychology, pedagogic and economics background. I worked as a developer, consultant, and trainer before I became CEO of a web developer company and founded an agency as well. After the insolvency, I took some time off for my daughter and to finish my studies. Last year the idea for FlyBird was born after I supported 2 Startups with nearly the same problems. I want to support startups so they do not have to fail before they are able to fly!

I’m a supporter of Startup Live, Female Founders, Fuckup Nights and the BASE.Foundersweek cause I want to give back as much as possible to the community.

About my private life

I love to have time with my three-year-old daughter and husband. I am very dedicated to sports, especially pole dance is my biggest passion. The average number of books I read at the same time is 6 (I know it’s a little crazy) and I love audiobooks and podcast as well cause I always can improve myself and learn new things.

Contact information

mail: karina@flybird.io

mobile: +43 966 18 26 63 25